Meet Evone Faria

Evone is an Internet Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, Promotional Partner w/ The Four Percent Group, and most importantly, mom of an amazing son.

Starting out failing in the Entrepreneurial world making tons of mistakes and losing big time, she was blessed to find a way to change the course of her business, and ultimately her life!

Coming from a background of struggles and constant fear, and always having to adjust her way of living to circumstances, instead of living the life of freedom she knew she and her son so deserved, Evone understands the importance of never quitting on your dreams.

But Evone can relate to the deceiving mindset of “not being good enough”. She understands the roadblocks that one might face on the road to creating a better life. She has developed a desire to help anyone who comes into contact with her and is wanting to do better for themselves.

“Creation Starts In The Mind”

The Mission...

To help you build the business & good life you've always wanted.

By introducing you to strategies and never before released, proven to work solutions that will give you the results you look for in your business,
allowing you to turn your annual income into your monthly income and create the good life you so deserve!

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